Memorial to the
“Start Westward of the United States”

Sculpted for Marietta’s Sesquicentennial by Gutzon Borglum

Dedicated July 1938 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a tribute to those farsighted pioneers who journeyed here from New England in 1788 and established Marietta as the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory under the landmark Ordinance of 1787

Rededicated July 1988 at the Closing Ceremonies for Marietta’s Bicentennial Celebration To the Sesquicentennial Pioneer Caravan and in memory of Edwin “Zeke” Pugh (1917-1988) Member of the 1937-1938 Caravan and Leader of the 1987-1988 Bicentennial Trekkers

To the Start Westward

This group of revolutionary and pioneer figures represents the start of American Government west of the thirteen original states. Mt. Rushmore’s Gutzon Borglum sculptured, from native sandstone, the memorial which was dedicated at the sesquicentennial by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Commemorating the Bicentennial, the Marietta Kiwanis Club has added the flags of the six states formed from the Northwest Territory, our National Flag, and provided permanent illumination. July 15, 1988