American Union Lodge No. 1

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Jan 26, 2018

Hello Brothers

The first quarter newsletter has been sent out. In the newsletter I asked that all members please update their mailing address, e-mailing address and phone number.

The Grand Lodge of Ohio is asking us to please update these records so that they can be entered into our Mori computer system. If you know of a Brother that has passed on that lives away from Marietta and we may not be aware of this PLEASE let us know.

Our new Grand Master Eric Schau has started a program called Replace Yourself. He is asking all brothers to choose someone that would make a good mason and explain to them what Masonry is about. Tell that that you believe that they would a good mason and you would be proud to sign their petition if the so choose to join. Leave this decision totally up to him and let him ask you to join.. When the individual completes his Master Mason requirements you will receive from our Grand Master a special lapel pin showing that you have replaced yourself.

Let’s all strive to replace ourselves in order that our Great Fraternity may prosper for future generations.

Dave Waterman IV

Worshipful Master Harmar #390

Hello Brothers

I am proud to say that Harmar Lodge # 390 will receive the Grand Masters Education Award at the Grand lodge in October. Only two lodges in our district obtained this award. The other lodge was Valley Lodge #145. Only 46 lodges in the state will receive this award. A BIG THANK YOU goes to Worshipful Brother Lee Peterson our LEO for all of his planning and hard work to make this award possible for our lodge.

Our lodge done really well towards receiving the Grand Masters Award but we fell short just by one candidate. So close but so far away. I do want to thank every member that put their effort into trying to obtain this goal. Although we did not get the award we kept our lodge busy with the many activities that was spelled out in order too get the award.

We have a new tenet in our temple. Menelik Lodge #74 Free & Accepted Masons of The Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons of Ohio joined us in July. This is an historic event my brothers. We are the third temple in Ohio to open our doors to the Prince Hall Masons. These fine men and masons are dedicated to the principles of Freemasonry.

Their lodge consist of only thirty-one members which is small compared to ours. Their hope as well as ours is for their lodge to grow and have a stable place in our community. Their meeting nights are the first and third Tuesday’s of each month at 6:30 pm. Please feel free to visit their lodge and show your support to these BROTHER MASONS.

A committee is being formed chaired by WM John Russell to start sending out a newsletter to everyone that is a member of any of the Masonic Bodies in our temple. This may be a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter. If you are interested in this project please contact WB Russell. I am sure that he would appreciate all the help that he can get. The goal is to start sending out the newsletter in January 2017.

The Masonic Park that GRAND OLE LADY that has endured a many of hot days and cold weather over the years is in the process of being upgraded. The stage and bathroom area has been completed removed. New handicapped bathrooms will be installed along with a new entrance way and the possibility of a small counter area to place food on. This is not going to be project that is done in just a few weeks. Thanks to some grateful donations of money and labor we will slowing be completing this task. There will be a bigger furnace installed with a heating tube going down the center of the building. When this remodeling is done the goal is to rent the park out year round. More to follow on the brothers and individuals working behind the scene to make this possible.

We are always looking for brothers to help mow, weed eat and keep the park in a presentable state to the public. Many functions are held there and so far we have been able to keep up with all of the work that needs to be done weekly with just the help of two or three brothers. If you are interested in helping please let me know. This park board is doing all that they can do to keep our park clean, safe and presentable in order to be able to make the park financially sound.

Hopefully over the next few months there will be some improvements made at the temple. The temple was built in 1907 and is really showing its age as well as some of the furnishings in the lodge. As money will allow these things will be addressed. This temple board is working well together and understands the needs and concerns of the items that are being brought to their attention. As with any endeavor of this magnitude it requires a substantial amount of money.

If you would like to make a donation please write a check to Marietta Masonic Building Co. and send it to 308 Front St. Marietta, Ohio.

In closing brothers. In last months letter I asked that any brother that took the time to read these monthly letters to please let me know. Its sad to say that I never received one response. I am asking again to just send me an e-mail stating that you have read the letter and feel free to make any comments or suggestions.

Until next month May you be blessed

Dave waterman IV

Worshipful Master Harmar #390

Hello Brothers

Summer is upon us my Brethren. With summer comes many outdoor activities. On Friday July 15,2016 Harmar Lodge #390, American Union Lodge #1 and the Odd Fellows Lodge #67 will have a family picnic at the Masonic park in Devola starting at 5 pm. Also the next day the 17th Masonic District will have a picnic at the Belpre Masonic Temple starting at 12pm. Please bring your families and enjoy a great time with your masonic brothers.

June was a very busy month for our lodge. We had a special meeting and conferred the EA degree on one candidate and had a St. Johns Table Lodge on the 26th. This is our second time of hosting a Table Lodge in two years. It takes a lot of work, cooking and a lot of brothers to do these correctly. To all of the brothers that helped in any way(especially American Union Lodge members) I want to again Thank You for a task well done.

Our Temple building now has a new rubber roof installed on it. The roofing company spent a little over two weeks installing the roof. We now have some clean up to do in several rooms that had some water damage done to them. Unfortunately paying for the new roof has greatly reduced our Masonic Building Company funds. If any brother or private individual would like to make a donation to this fund you can make a check out to the Marietta Masonic Building Company and send it to 308 Front Street Marietta, Ohio 45750. Please note on the check Roof Fund.

Brothers; Masonry has never changed the very principals that were instituted at the conception of our great order. I here all the time how Masonry has changed over the years. My thoughts are that we have not guarded our gates in a proper manner. This has let some men enter into our fraternity that may not have our best interest at heart. They join for various reason and we never see them back in our blue lodges again and some even get suspended for non-payment of dues. When you sign a petition for a man to join our lodges Please make sure you know him well enough to know that if accepted he will be a great asset to the lodge and all of the different orders of Masonry that he may decide to join.

I often wonder how may brothers or others read these letters that are posted here every month. If you do read these letters please send me an e-mail at and let me know your thoughts or if you have something you would like to have posted on this site.

May the Great Architect of the Universe be with you until next month.

Dave Waterman IV Worshipful Master Harmar Lodge #390

Hello Brothers
June 5, 2016

The year is all most have gone already. As we get older time seems to go by so fast. Our Senior Warden Matthew Cale is busy planning for very busy time next year. Harmar Lodge #390 will be 150 years old. Please talk to Matthew and ask if you can help with any of the activities that he is planning.

On May 28,2016 we held our annual Widow’s Day at DaVinci’s in Williamstown WV. We had two ladies from the Masonic Home present. They told those present about the home and the future plans of the home. The widow’s had a very fine time. Some of the them had not seen each other in many years. We were honored the have in attendance Mrs. Sally Gifford who resides at the Masonic Home. Her family drove from New Jersey and brought her to the luncheon. I Thank them for making her attendance possible.

Harmar Lodge #390, American Union Lodge #1 and the Order of Odd Fellows Lodge #67 will have a joint picnic at the Masonic Park in Devola, Ohio on July 15, 2016 This event has never been held before with the Odd Fellows so please bring your family and attend this historic event.

Brothers we will be conferring the Master Mason Degree later this month. The exact date I am not sure of yet however after our meeting tomorrow night I shall know for sure. Please call me at 740-350-0099 and I’ll let you know. We can always use your help.

Next Sunday June 12, 2016 we are going to the Ohio Masonic Home for Home Day. If you would like to go please contact me.

Until Next Time
Dave Waterman IV
Worshipful Master

May 2, 2016

Hello Brothers

It seems that I forgot to post a letter on here for the month of April. I do apologize for that over site.

The time just seems to go by so fast. Remember when we were all under the age of 18 and just could not wait to get there and now we wish that we could just turn back the hands of time even just for a little while.

We have a lot planned for this month. On May 25, 2016 we will have a Spaghetti Dinner at the lodge and then go to Marietta Collage to the Observatory for a fine program. This event is called More Light Night and is opened to the public. If you have some friends that are interested in any of the Masonic Organizations please bring them to this event. There is no charge for this event.

On MAY 28,2016 at 12:00 pm both lodges will host the widows of our lodges for a luncheon at Da Vincil’s in Williamstown. If you would like to attend please contact me no later than the 23rd of May..

On a sad note both lodge’s voted NOT to have the Master Mason Degree at the Masonic Park this year. Our attendance in last few years has been very low. The work that it takes to have this event at the park is a huge undertaking. Hopefully we can bring this event back in the future.

Our lodge has brought in a lot of good candidates in the last few years and we are privileged to have done so however do to many circumstances these brothers have not completed their degree work. This month we will be sending them a survey letter in order to find out what we can do in order to help them complete their work. If you should know of a brother that needs to complete their work please contact them personally and see if you can help them in any way. These brothers are very important to our lodge for they are the future of our Lodge .

Brothers if you would like to attend our lodge meetings but you can not drive after dark or have a little trouble getting around without a little help PLEASE just call me at 740-350-0099 and I will see that you get to our meeting and get back home. We do miss our older brothers and would be proud to attend lodge with you again. We now have dinner at 6pm before lodge at 7pm.

God Bless & Be Safe

Dave Waterman IV
Worshipful Master

American Union Lodge No. 1

March 5, 2016

Hello Brothers:

What a great EA Inspection we had. We started the evening with a delicious Lasagna dinner prepared by our Eastern Star. These ladies done a fabulous job preparing , serving and cleaning up after the dinner. I want to thank them again for making our dinner a success.

Nerves always play a part on some officers when they perform in front of a large group ,however this was overcome very quickly and your officers did a excellent job. All of the practices that we had really paid off. Our Inspecting Officer DDGM Right Worshipful Brother Chad Kopenski was very pleased with our performance. Thanks to all of the brothers and sisters for making this a memorable occasion.

At this months meeting I am going to present a Community Builders Award to a brother that has donated a lot of his time volunteering to help those in need. Plan on attending lodge to see who this brother might be.

We have two petitions to vote on and at least one to read for the first time. Our lodge is receiving a lot of petitions lately. This is a good thing, however I wish we had more brothers in attendance to witness these candidates receive their degrees in Masonry. Please come to lodge and renew old friendships and make new ones. Our degree work will most likely be done at a special meeting held on the second Monday. We always have something to eat at 6 PM and lodge opens at 7 PM and we will be finished by 9:30 PM

At the April meeting I plan on giving a brother the Lodge Leadership Award and calling a special for April 21, 2016 in conjunction with American Union Lodge #1 Stated Meeting. At this meeting we will have the Type Written Ritual so if anyone has any questions on any of the correct words concerning the degree work now would be the time to find the correct word.

We are half way through our inspection season. The next inspection will be American Union Lodge #1 on March 11, 2016. We will eat at 6 PM and open lodge at 7 PM. It would really be nice to see a lot of Harmar #390 members in attendance.

My e-mail address is and you can call me by calling 740-562-4124 which is the Masonic Building Company number. If you need a ride to a lodge meeting, need a question answered or just need to talk PLEASE feel free to get in touch with me.

God Bless

Dave Waterman IV, Worshipful Master

American Union Lodge No. 1

February 10, 2016

Hello Brothers:

Our lodge inspection will be on February 19, 2016 in the EA degree. We will have a Lasagna Dinner at 6:00 PM and lodge will open at 7:PM. I would like to invite all brothers to attend our lodge inspection. We will be closing lodge before 9:30 PM so that you may enjoy some time visiting with some brothers that you may not have seen for awhile.

We have had three new petitions already this year so we are going to be very busy with degree work. If Worshipful Brother Lee Peterson should happen to call you for help in the MM Fellowcraft team PLEASE come out and help us.

Our lodge is well on the way to receive the Grand Masters award this year thanks to all of the hard work of our brothers. Hopefully we can stay on track and achieve this outstanding award.

We had several brothers that attended our meeting on February 1, 2016 to receive the service pins of 25, 30, 40, and 50 years . It was nice to see these brothers some of whom I have not seen for many years.

At our meeting on March 7, 2016 I will be presenting some one from our community with the Community Service Award. This award is for an individual that volunteers their time to a worthy cause. I would like to see a good showing in attendance from our brothers for this occasion.

I want to Thank Worshipful Brothers C. Brooks Harper and Ross Thomas for all of the years that they served on the temple committee. These two fine brothers have chosen to retire from the committee and will be missed.

Until Next Month
Dave Waterman IV, Worshipful Master

American Union Lodge No. 1

January 7th, 2016

Hello Brothers;

We had a very busy month in December and now on to January. We had two members of the temple committee retire this month and two new brothers have been appointed to fill those vacancies. We are in the process of getting a new roof put on the temple building at a very high cost. The old roof has many problems due to all the years of weather it has seen. We also had the outside balcony fixed this past summer which cost more money than originally expected. Our temple was built in 1907 and time has started to take its toll on the building. Watch for new improvements as money becomes available.

The Masonic Park hopefully will get new handicap bathrooms within the next few months if the finances become available as planned. With this improvement we should be able to rent the park out more during the summer. We do have a long range plan to be able to rent the park out all year long.

If any brother would like to contribute to either the Temple Fund or the Park Fund please make your check out to Harmar Lodge #390 and mark in the memo where you would like you donation to me used. You may mail the check to Marietta Masonic Temple, 308 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio, 45750. Or call me for any other details at 740-350-0099 and I will try to answer your questions.

We have many Entered Apprentices that have not been able to return to lodge for several reasons. We are working with the brothers in order for them to come back and receive their Fellowcraft Degree. At our February meeting on Feb 1st we will be honoring our 60, 50, 40, 30& 25 year members. A District Deputy Grand Master will in attendance to present these pins. Our annual lodge inspection this year will be in the EA degree on Feb. 19, 2016.We will have a dinner at 6:00 P.M. and lodge will open at 7: P.M. I would like to see a great turnout of Harmar members at this inspection.

Your lodge officers are committed to serve you as brothers and our lodge as a whole. Please come to our meetings and show your support. If you know of any sick or distressed brothers that we can help PLEASE let me know.

I believe that I have taken up all of the space allowed for this letter. So in closing may the Great Architect of the Universe be with you and have a safe month.

Dave Waterman IV, Worshipful Master

Hello To All Of My Brothers

Holiday Greetings from the new Officers of Harmar Lodge #390.

Well we started out the new Masonic Year with a Bang and what a BIG BANG it was. For the first time in history of Ohio Masonry four Past Grand Masters of Ohio installed the officers of American Union #1 and Harmar #390. MWB Ron Winett was the Installing Officer, MWB Jim Easterling was the Installing Marshall, MWB Kevin Todd was the Installing Secretary and MWB Richard Wilson was the Installing Chaplin. To these fine Past Grand Masters both lodges say THANK YOU AGAIN for helping us make history in Marietta where Ohio Masonry began.

Now, upcoming news. On Monday December 14, 2015 we will be conferring the Master Mason on one candidate. WB Peterson has spent a lot of time and effort in order put together a Fellow Craft team together. We will eat at 6 PM and Lodge will open at 7 PM. I am looking forward to seeing you there.

The Worshipful Master of American Union Lodge #1 and I have pledged to work together this year so that both lodges can receive the Grand masters Award. This is no simple task. The Grand Master has laid out five requirements that are mandatory .By working together (as we should) we will obtain our goals, however it will require your help and attendance at our meetings. Please plan on attending.

Several changes have been made to our Park Committee and they are in the process of getting bids in order to make the restroom Handicap Assessable. Hopefully this will help increase the yearly bookings. We now have link attached to this site so that you can book the park on the internet. Matthew Cale is the new park secretary and all bookings MUST go thru him either in person or by internet.

My brothers I really want to have a very successful year. We do have some important and tough decisions that will have to be made in order to move our lodge forward and secure for the future. We have been very fortune in having a Great lodge secretary in WB Hadley and Treasurer in WB Don Gardner. These two Past Masters have served our lodge very well over many years. We now have a new secretary and treasurer and with that, come new and fresh ideas on how our money needs to be invested. As officers we will explore all avenues so that our money can be invested were we can get the most bang for our bucks.

Inspections are starting in January if would like attend these please contact me at 740-350-0099 and I will be glad to see that you get a ride to them.

I have made this first letter to long already; however I want to update this site every month or daily if needed. Please visit this site often in order to find out what YOUR LODGE is doing

May each one of you and your family have A Very Merry CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Fraternally Your Worshipful Master
David E. Waterman IV