Harmar – WM Message 4-11-2013


I have been doing some soul searching lately. The question about which I have been opining is: Why did I become a Freemason? There are many reprehensible reasons for joining, but also many admirable reasons. Most of us will have more than one answer to this question; some good, and some not so good.

In my travels, I have seen those who think it is similar to the Boy Scouts, and try to collect “merit badges.” Others think that fraternity means “good ole boys’ club” not a brotherhood. Some think that the fraternity comes before any individual member, but T believe that each member is the fraternity as the fraternity is each member. E Pluribus Unum; Ex Uno Omnia. There are charitable reasons for affiliating, but what is the true motivation for that charity? No one can judge your reason for being a Freemason except you. Oh hay let’s not forget the powerful secret knowledge that we possess. Would some one let me in on it?

Thank you.
Gary H. Bradley, WM