Harmar – WM Message 11-26-2012

First I would like to thank my brethren for allowing me to serve as their Worshipful Master for the coming year.  I hope to place an article each month on our website; this is the first.

I do not know why any of you decide to become freemasons, but as for me there was a long family tradition of freemasonry.  I am a Lewis Mason, as was my father before me, but my primary reason for becoming a freemason was an attempt to learn and understand the teachings of the Craft.  As speculative masons we are tasked with the labor of becoming better men by understanding and practicing the tenets of freemasonry.  These tenets are both exoteric and esoteric.  The exoteric ones are straightforward, but the esoteric are not.  We are told that the teachings of the Craft are hidden in allegory and metaphor.  Often a “younger” brother asked a seasoned “elder,” the meaning of a word or portion of ritual, only to be told little.  Sometimes this is because the one asked does not know or because the asker is not ready for an answer.

Most of what we get from speculative freemasonry is what we learn for ourselves; therefore we are all challenged to study and ponder the “secrets” for ourselves.

There are many good books that can aid us in this search for truth, and some of them are in the temple’s library.  Following are some of the books that I have found useful in my continuing search.  This search is like many a journey; the travels are more valuable than the destination.

  • Robt. Macoy; A Dictionary of Freemasonry
  • Robt. L. D. Cooper; Cracking the Freemasons Code
  • W. L. Wilmhurst; The Meaning of Masonry
  • George H. Steinmetz; Freemasonry: Its Hidden Meaning
  • George H. Steinmetz; Royal Arch Masonry: Its Hidden Meaning
  • J. S. M. Ward; Who was Hiram Abiff?
  • Manly P. Hall; The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Thank you,

Gary H. Bradley