Harmar – WM Message 1-8-2013


This is my third posting, and I have no idea whether any one has seen any of them. Please brethren let me know which ones you have seen. You can email me at garybradley@wildblue.net. When I was first placed in the oriental chair, I thought my greatest support should come from the past masters and my officers — in that order, — but now I see that the support that I need most is from the “white Apron” brethren. That is to say we all must “labor,” if the work is to get done. I still expect help from my officers and past masters, but we are not the craft; it takes the entire lodge. With this epiphany, I realized that I have been gravely remise in supporting the previous Worshipful Masters and my lodge, as I should have. What I request of each of you is to get our “numbers” up. These numbers are not only the membership, but more importantly attendance. I am embarrassed to say that at the first inspection there was a member of our lodge whom I did not know. He was obviously active in the craft as he was a member of the fellow craft team, and a past master of another lodge. I informed him that our next meeting was the next Monday, and that I hoped to see him. It is my plan to invite many more of our brothers to attend more regularly. But I cannot do this alone; therefore I ask each of you to please invite members of our lodge to attend more meetings. Also promote Freemasonry; even though we do not recruit, we should publicize our great fraternity. The Grand Lodge is encouraging the lodges to have “Friendship Nights.” These are nights where we may recognize prominent members of the local community, but more importantly invite those friends who we believe will make good masons. I like this idea very much, and plan to have one. Anyone wishing to help organize one, please see me. By happenstance there were two attendees at the first inspection. I would like to invite each of you to attend. Not because I want any recognition for attendance, but because it can be an edifying and worthwhile experience. In fact I shan’t attend all of the inspections, myself. We all must strive to become better masons, in accordance with what that means to ourselves; therefore search your souls and endeavor to improve your craft.

Thank you,
Gary H. Bradley, WM