Harmar 390 – WM Message – 1-20-2014

Worshipful Master’s Message

Welcome to the 2014 Masonic year. Harmar Lodge No.390 is approaching our 150th Anniversary of making Good Men Better. Harmar Lodge along with the York Rite bodies built our Temple where many Masonic organizations meet. Hardly a day goes by without some type of fellowship.

I encourage you to attend our functions as we support the Brotherhood ever remembering “Charity for All Mankind”.

If you are wishing to become a Brother we encourage you to ask a Brother — I promise you a rewarding journey in Masonry.

Traveling on this “level of time” with Masonry has led to many fine experiences and I will happily speak to you about them. Welcome All.

With Brotherly Love,

David S. Locke, WM