Marietta Chapter #59, Order of the Eastern Star

History of Marietta White Shrine Number Twelve

(Conception to 1958)

A group of Eastern Star members became interested in the organization of a White Shrine of Jerusalem, and a meeting was held at the home of Mr. And Mrs. Frank Hagan, for the purpose of considering such an organization in Marietta. After due consideration, it was agreed to organize and apply to the Supreme White Shrine for a charter.

A ballot was taken and Nellie Ellis was recommended for Worthy High Priestess, Ira L. Ellis, Watchman of Shepherds and Gertrude Dunnington, Noble Prophetess.

“Marietta Shrine” was unanimously chosen as our name.
Those present were:

Maude Speary Casper Hopp
Nellie Ellis Mrs. Casper Hopp
Ira L. Ellis Mary Crumley
Blanche Gerken A. P. Crumley
Martha Gerken O. S. Creighton
Anna Schimmel Mrs. O. S. Creighton
Josephine Windsor A. S. Dunnington
Nellie Dysle Gertrude Dunnington
William Dysle Emma Lehmer
Ida Hagan William Lehmer
Frank Hagan Olga Blair
Lucinda Deeren A. A. Schramm
T. J. Deeren Louise Schramm
Carry Strecker Susan Rosenthal
Clara Bode R. W. Athey
Henry Bode Mrs. R. W. Athey

Our petition was granted and on May 14, 1915, a meeting was called by Sojourner Edward Day Allington, Supreme Watchman of Shepherds of the Supreme White Shrine of Jerusalem, for the purpose of instituting Marietta Shrine. At the appointed time, we assembled in the I. O. O. F. Hall on Putnam Street.

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