2014 Annual Installation of Officers for American Union Lodge No.1 F. & A. M.

News Release:
Annual Installation of Officers for
American Union Lodge No.1  F. & A. M.

2014 Officers # 1

The annual election of officers of American Union Lodge #1 was held Monday, December  16, 2013 at the Marietta Masonic Temple located at 308 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio.

 American Union Lodge #1 has a rich history that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution.  Constituted as a Military Lodge in Roxbury, Massachusetts on February 15, 1776.  The Lodge met in several locations including New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey until it found a permanent home on the banks of the Ohio River with the founding of Marietta.  The first regular meeting was held at Campus Martius on June 28, 1790.  In 1808, American Union Lodge #1 was one of six lodges that founded the Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Ohio.

 Charity is an important tenet of the Masonic fraternity.  The 106,000 Freemasons in Ohio provide approximately $15 million in charitable giving annually.  This year they gave $50,000 in college scholarships, contributed $200,000 to Special Olympics Ohio Summer Games, and funded $70,000 in free training for hundreds of Ohio school teachers to recognize students at non-academic risk.  They also provided $12 million in elderly care and helped many needy Ohio families and individuals through their Charitable Foundation.

American Union Lodge #1 officers installed for 2014 were:

Bill Ollom, Master (President);

Peter Gammon, Senior Warden;

Ben Anderson, Junior Warden;

Jim Malcolm (PM), Treasurer;

Charles Wentz, Secretary;

Brad Mason (PM), Chaplain;

James (Chip) Wilson, Senior Deacon;

Aaron Reynolds, Junior Deacon;

Stacy Evans, Senior Steward;

Josh McVay Jr., Junior Steward;

Doug Christopher, Tyler;

Bill Reynolds (PM), Lodge Education Officer;

Nelson Logan (PM), Trustee.

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